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Security Hounds is a full service IOT firm with a true understanding of the Cyber Security market. The organization is a team of management specialists with a combined experience of more than 70 years. It is a place where good ideas are transformed into great products and great services, that leads to social and economic empowerment.

Whether it is software development, Internet of Things (IOT), archival digitization or website development, Security Hounds thrives on challenges that call for creative thinking and technical innovation. The company works with variety of partners and clients, ranging from established companies, independent startups, national retailers, growing nonprofits, global agencies, and indigenous groups.

We take the risk and hassle out of endpoint computing for your business. Our products help you stay ahead of threats, meet increased regulatory compliance standards and manage cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Understanding Cybersecurity as a Service

Did you know that 43% of all cyber attacks target small business? In an age where almost every day you hear about companies and individuals being hacked or their personal data stolen, Security Hounds can eliminate those concerns.

Foreword from our Founder


Security Hounds was founded based on the need to protect our society from the “bad guys”. After having been hacked myself during a trip abroad and having suffered from the accompanying downtime, loss of reputation, loss of sales, and tens of thousands of dollars of costs for outside consultants, new servers, increased security, “hole-patching”, monitoring, back-ups etc. I was amazed at how much it impacted my business. And I was just operating a very small company at the time. Besides the resultant hard costs, I also experienced a huge loss of focus on my main core activities which further exacerbated the impact. I was not pleased, and it had a severe impact on my business and almost shut it down.

We want to take care of your cyber concerns so that you can focus on your business – it is as simple as that. We can supply hardware that makes compliance and data protection effortless. We can protect your websites and servers so that the bad guys can’t get in in the first place. But if they do, we also include Cyber Insurance to get you out of trouble and take care of your losses.

Security Hounds humbly asks you to allow us to be your partner. So you can prosper in your business and don’t make the hackers rich.

As part of our commitment to our communities, Security Hounds also contributes back with Social Entrepreneurship part of everything we do. We recycle wherever appropriate and value equity, diversity and inclusion. We also contribute funds to worthy charities as decided by our employees. If you have a charity that you think we should consider, I encourage you to contact us with details.

Thank you for supporting Security Hounds!

Tracy DesLaurier, Founder

Meet the faces behind Security Hounds

Tracy DesLaurier

Tracy DesLaurier

Founder, CEO

Ron McGuffin

Ron McGuffin

Co-Founder, Vice President