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A Custom Cyber Security Strategy Optimizing your Business


Monitor your BOXX cyber score in real-time and get help fixing problems before hackers can exploit them. 


Boost your in-house I.T. team with training for all employees, an enterprise-grade firewall, and our specialist team of cyber security professionals.


If you think you have been a victim of a cyber breach, CyberBoxx’s Hackbusters™ will verify the incident and provide access to breach response experts at preferred rates.


With Cyberboxx™, we’ll compensate for not only your losses but legal damages and any costs related to third party penalties.

With BOXX insurance, you’ll gain access to breach response services that help your business contain cyber incidents, as well as prevent them from causing material damage.


Breach Response with the Hackbusters™

Experts will contain the cyber inBreach response experts will contain the cyber incident and re-secure your network if needed. No claim necessary

Hacker Damages

Includes the cost of repair, replacement, or restoration of websites or electronic data.


Insider Threats

Damages that result from malicious acts by an employee to either yours or any third-party system.

Cyber Deception

Money wrongly transmitted or paid to a third party from a deception scheme, also known as social engineering.

Reputation Damage

Coverage to help you manage your reputation following a cyber attack.

System Failure (Bricking)

Costs to replace damages to your hardware, in addition to replacement and recovery of data.


Prior Acts

Covers claims made on cyber incidents that occurred prior to a policy’s purchase, but was not known beforehand.

Online + Media Liability

Protection if your online content infringes someone’s IP rights, including defamation, libel, and slander.

Loss of Business

Lost profits if an incident interrupts your business operations.

Legal + Regulatory Costs

Legal costs due to regulatory fines or requirements to notify customers.

Third Party Liability

Costs associated with claims against you for breach of any privacy law with respect to protection of 3rd party data.

Extortion Costs

Costs of ransom negotiations and ransoms paid (Hackbusters™).

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