Cyber Security as a Service

Run your business worry-free

Did you know that 43% of all cyber attacks target small business?  In an age where almost every day you hear about companies and individuals being hacked or their personal data stolen, you need to ensure that you protect your Intellectual Property, Competitive Advantage, and your customer’s Privacy Data.

Security Hounds can eliminate those concerns.

Until now, only the largest of companies had the resources to adequately protect themselves against cyber attacks. As their protection improved, hackers turned their efforts to SMB’s and consumers because of the vast number of easily accessed targets, with very little or no ability to react. Outsourcing your Cyber Security needs to Security Hounds offers you Enterprise Level Protection,
at a cost that is manageable to average businesses.

Security Hounds offers a fully managed service that mitigates your Cyber Risk. We utilize leading edge tools and software that incorporates AI, Machine Learning, and other methods to prevent and contain first-day and traditional risks.  And, because no system can ever be perfect, we back up our work with comprehensive Cyber Insurance that covers losses related to cyber crimes such as:

  • Breach costs – including forensic costs, supplier breaches, suppliers and customers costs;
  • Cyber business interruption – including loss of income, reputational damage, and activities of third parties
  • Hacker and Virus Damage
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Privacy Protection Breaches – including compensation, regulatory awards, PCI charges, Privacy forensic, investigation, and defence costs
  • Cyber and security liability – including transmission of a virus, hacker, or security failure
  • Online Liability – directly arising from the activities of a hacker
  • Cyber Deception
  • Employee Coverage

We also offer monitoring and protection of your server and websites including
secure hosting and data recovery.

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