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Security Hounds offers a single platform that blends enterprise grade security technology, threat intelligence, and insurance. Security Hounds eliminate the complexity and burden of cyber security for smaller organizations struggling to prepare for, prevent and respond to cyber attacks and new data privacy regulation.
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we offer the following:


Cyber Security Insurance included with all options (Remote Wipe, Data Rebuilding and Equipment Replacement included)


Ransom Demands Mitigated


Top rated Hardware Firewalls


Secure Hosting Services


Continuous hole patching / Software updates


Legislative Requirements Handled – Prevent Reputational Damage


While widely reported hacks of large corporations of Equifax and Uber make the headlines, lesser known are the multitude of cyber breaches into Canadian small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), which are increasingly landing in the crosshairs of cybercriminals.  These threats demand a fundamentally new approach to detect attacks at an early stage and respond before they have time to cause long term damage.

Your core compentency is not cyber security.  The ability to detect and remediate threats as they emerge, is critical in this fast moving environment.  That’s why we offer the first integrated security and insurance membership service designed for SMEs

No security approach or insurance product, in isolation, can hope to help SMEs fully protect themselves from the explosive rate of cyber attacks.  In response, Security Hounds offers a single platform that blends enterprise grade security technology, threat intelligence, and insurance.  Security Hounds eliminate the complexity and burden of cyber security for smaller organizations struggling to prepare for, prevent and respond to cyber attacks and new data privacy regulation.

As a Security Hounds member, you benefit from continuous monitoring of your cyber risk score and can stay ahead of danger with alerts sent to your mobile app. You have access to our team of cyber security specialists to help remediate threats and our leading expertise and financial resources to help you contain, recover and re-secure operations if you are breached.

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